Artist Statement

Artist Gary LaCroix, who produced his first oil painting at the age of nine, creates visionary images that expose the mind to unknown worlds that somehow seem familiar. These images use energy, color and form in a way that challenges the viewer’s ego/mind. The observer is asked to release it’s own mind constructions and experience something new. The unusual visuals often bring up emotions which are resisted by an ego/mind that thinks it’s own belief system is correct.

As I have journeyed inward through spiritual paths, the intellect, psychedelics and meditation, one thing is evident; science and spiritually are converging... realizing a holistic universe, holographic in nature. The concepts of reductionism, Newtonian physics and fundamental religions are being replaced by self-awareness and quantum physics. Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, Bell’s thoughts on non-locality and Bohm’s implicate order, prove that we are a creative cause in the development of not only our lives but also the universe. We are undoing the beliefs of conflict, competition and separation — we are part of a whole.

My paintings challenge the ego/mind to see the world differently. Look past your external projection and see innerspace.

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