Gary LaCroix
402 E. Burrows Place
Tucson, AZ 85704


Seacrest High School, Delray Beach
Palm Beach Junior College
Rhode Island School of Design
Florida Atlantic University, BFA
Platt College, Denver

Quotes from others

"Your new Swiss Cheese Series is clever and well executed!"
Joshua Hassel: Art Appraiser, Gallery Owner, PBS TV Producer

"What strange, abstract but vaguely humanoid-friendly shapes in these paintings!"
Gordon Baldwin: Artist; Author; Curator for Getty Museum

"One is forced to abandon traditional categories of thought and perception"
Judith Selee McClure, Ph.D.: educational psychologist, Professor Alumna of Regis University


T. Applegate, Saugatuck
A. H. Barbaree, Huntsville
T.L. Benjamin, Boulder
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C. Knight, Santa Fe
F. LaRaia, Tucson
F. Leahy, Palm Beach
C. Leslie, Delray Beach
F. Mikawa, Honolulu
Col. C.L. Miller, Minneapolis
Q.G. Minor, Naples
Dr. J. McClure, Cambridge
J. Morobitto, Denver
T. Rockwell, Tucson
J. Stevens, Boulder
C. E. Stuart, Nashua
P. W. Warren. San Jose
D. Whitlock, Scottsdale


Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton
Knight Studio, Santa Fe
Oracle Artist Studio Tour
Rhode Island School of Design
Upstairs Gallery, Provincetown
Wolverine Gallery, Delray

ZOW Exhibits, The Station, Oracle, AZ
Triangle L Ranch, Oracle, AZ
Tucson Artists' Open Studios


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